Travel guide around the city of roses


If you get to Donetsk by train do not leave the Railway station immediately. Visit Museum of Donetsk railroad. It is unique in Ukraine. More than a thousand of rare exhibit items are collected in it, from retro automobiles to steam locomotives and carriages, which used to transported passengers in 19th century. 


On the way from the airport it is worth making a stop on Universitetskaya Street in the Forged Figures Park that is the most unusual park in Donetsk. Iron figures presented here can cheer up any visitor. There are more than a hundred of them in the park and every year after the City Day the collection is enlarged by at least ten unique forged figures. By the way, here is also a very lovely alley devoted to the Europe Football Championship 2012 that will be held in Ukraine and Poland. It is possible to make a photo near UEFA Cup and leave an autograph on the revolving football. And your walk around the park will make you think about Paris. Donetsk Eiffel Tower was erected not far from Donetsk City Mayor's Office.


If you asked a citizen of Donetsk to show you Donetsk, 9 out of 10 would start their excursion from Donbass Arena Football Stadium that is one of the best football stadiums in Eastern Europe. Not only local citizens and officials, but the whole Ukraine is proud of this “diamond” that will be hosting Football Championship Euro 2012.


Donbass Arena is located in the center of Donetsk in Voroshylovsky district, on the territory of Leninsky Komsomol Park of Culture and Rest (Park of Glory to heroes of the Great Patriotic War). By the way, this park is also recommended to visit. It is possible to watch some military machines, to make a photo near the monument to soldiers who freed Donetsk region from fascist occupants. And it is also possible to walk along a fascinating Fairy-Tales Alley.


Donbass Arena is a nice rest zone with fan-cafes and restaurants, bars and fast-foods, a fitness center and a modern museum of football. It is possible to have a tour around the stadium. A cost of group ticket is approximately $6. A cost of ticket for the tour around the stadium guided by FC Shakhtar football player is approximately $19, and a cost of the individual tour varies between $50 and $63.


Some photos can be taken near the largest football-fountain in the world, which is located close to the entrance of the stadium.


This granite football weighs about 30 tons; nevertheless it revolves easily supported by water from little fountains.


It is possible to have a rest in a picturesque park with fountains and a man-made lake that surrounds the stadium on 25 hectares. In autumn trees in the park “get dressed” into colors of FC Shakhtar team, a rock-garden and man-made lake are the most interesting places in the park.


Soon there will be one more place of interest not far from Donbass Arena. Near the Monument to Donbass’ Liberators, Musical Park with dancing fountains and a garden of butterflies is in the process of construction now.


By the way, not far from the stadium there is Yunist’ Youth Palace where it is possible to make a picture near Donetsk “batman”. Local citizens gave this name to the monument of famous Russian and Ukrainian pop-singer Joseph Kobzon, who was born in Donbass region, but now lives in Moscow. With the aim to learn about some outstanding leaders of Donetsk and its history, go to Donetsk Regional Museum of local history. It is located close to Exhibition center “Exspodonbass”.


There is one more visit card of Donetsk, which is the Coal Miners Memorial erected on Coal Miners Square in the central part of the city. Six-meter coal miner rises to the sky a 90-kilogram piece of coal that made Donetsk region famous. It is usually depicted on tourist guide-books around Donetsk region, as well as on postcards and stamps.


Donetsk is comfortable for tourists because its main places of interest are concentrated in the center of the city. The majority of them are located on Artyoma Street. The main orienting point for visitors is Lenin Square, where a monument to Vladimir Lenin, a leader of October Revolution happened in Russia in 1917, is erected. It is a tradition to appoint dates and meeting near the monument. It is also a place of holding demonstrations. Supporters of Communist Party of Ukraine regularly meet there.


The main clock of the city can be seen from this place. The clock is fixed on the top of the Central Post Office building, which is just across the road from Lenin Square. The clock shows time in all parts of the world.


But the main “wake-up device” in the city is Donetsk Metallurgical plant. Every morning its hooter wakes Donetsk up. In other words, for those people who want to see the oldest buildings of Donetsk, it is recommended to go particularly to the area of Donetsk Metallurgical plant. Architectural monuments of old town are concentrated here.


If you have some free time, walk along Artyoma Street to learn about the city. It is also possible to book an excursion around the city with a guide.


Would you like to make a picture with the ten-fold world record-breaker? Near the Regional Sports Complex “Olympiyiskiy” on Artyoma Street you can see a statute of Sergei Bubka, the Olympic champion in pole vaulting. Height of the statute is 6 meters 15 centimeters. This is particularly the height of his final record. For his outstanding performance in pole vaulting Sergei Bubka was named a “birdman”.


In front of Donetsk City Mayor's Office there is a large Tsar Pushka (Tsar Cannon), which was presented by Moscow. This is a replica of the famous Russian Tsar Pushka (Tsar Cannon), but of a bit smaller size. Now it’s a good tradition to throw a coin in its muzzle for luck.


A symbol and pride of Donetsk is its roses. They are planted in the central alleys and parks of the city. By the way, the largest rosary of Donetsk is located in Shcherbakova Park. But the most beautiful hand-forged iron roses of a human body size can be seen on the way from Tsar Pushka (Tsar Canon) to the entrance of Donetsk City Mayor's Office.


Here close to Donetsk City Mayor's Office there is the most “embarrassing” monument, which is a statute of the soviet revolutionary Artyom. While passing the statute, citizens of Donetsk cannot keep from smiling after giving a look at the left-hand thumb of the statute. The matter is that a protruding in a bit unnatural way thumb at a particular angle can be seen in a funny way provoking some associations. Tourists like making photos in front of it. According to one of Donetsk legends, the bronze revolutionary’s thumb points to the place where some treasury was buried.


Going down from Artyoma statute along Artyoma Street, make a stop near the building of Donetsk National Technical University. Here is a monument to Welsh businessman John James Houghes. He was a founder of Yuzovsky Metallurgical plant, which is nowadays called Donetsk Metallurgical Plant. Donetsk region must be thankful to that businessman for its developed metallurgical industry.


Admirers of the famous “Four Liverpool” singers will be pleasantly surprised! A several-minute walk from Houghes Monument, the Beatles made from bronze are standing at the entrance to the Hotel and leisure complex “Liverpool”. For several years the legendary rock-musicians have been signing their hits for Donetsk citizens.


From time to time songs of the Beatles are overlapped by bells of Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral located close to “Liverpool”. This Cathedral is one of the most attractive places of interest in the city.


Going further along the central street from the Cathedral it is worth visiting a mini-park of Secondary school №2, turning to Shevchenko Boulevard. Here it is possible to make a photo near the monument to the insurance agent from the well-known soviet comedy “Beware of traffic”. This monument is the only one in Ukraine. It was erected not a long time ago but it already managed to become popular among the citizens. They believe that touches on the insurance agent’s bag will bring them luck and money. Trying it!


Near the Regional Library named after Nadezhda Krupskaya, in front of Donetsl Regional administration building (White House), there is a monument to a representative of classical Ukrainian literature Taras Shevchenko.


Around the monument it is possible to have a rest on benches along a small alley. In a several-minute walk from Shevchenko monument there is Regional Museum of Arts. You might be surprised to see here some masterpieces of famous painters, such as Aivazovsky, Shishkin, and Repin. Down from the museum there is Pushkin Boulevard that is the most beautiful boulevard in Donetsk. It was named after Aleksandr Pushkin, who was a Russian poet of 19th century and the author of “Eugene Onegin”. His bust was erected behind the building of Donetsk Musical and Drama Theater. Young people like to meet around this monument.


Pushkin Boulevard is the most beautiful place of Donetsk. It is a favorite place of leisure for visitors and citizens. Here is a park of sculptures “Ukrainian Steppe”, where 11 works of Ukrainian and German sculptors devoted to Slavonic mythology are collected.


At the very beginning of the boulevard you can find the main symbol of Donetsk region forged Mertsalov’s Palm. Mertsalov’s Palm is a symbol of industrial prosperity of the region.


Names of rivers in Donetsk region can be learnt from the Fountain-ship called “Rivers of Donbass”.


Pushkin Boulevard has its own “Alley of Stars” (Photo). Any person can order an installation of “Hollywood” star with his/her name or a company logo. The boulevard is ended with the Alley of painters where it is possible to buy some paintings made by local painters.


From the Alley of painters, cross the road and walk on the bridge over Kalmius water storage to get to Shcherbakova Park. This is the other place of recreation and entertainment, which is loved by local citizens. It comprises a boat park, dolphinarium and attractions. In the nearest future one of the best European aqua-parks is going to be constructed here.


Terrikons can also be considered as items of interest in Donetsk. They are vast piles of mine waste, which look like pyramids. According to local ecologists there are more than a hundred of them in Donetsk. Local enthusiasts love climbing to the terricons and give them names of famous citizens of Donetsk. It is possible to learn about them HERE.


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