Religious Life

The majority residents of Donetsk and Donetsk region are Orthodox Christians. According to official statistics, about a half of all religious organizations (more than 47%) located in Donbass region are Orthodox and they mainly subordinated to Moscow Patriarchate (Russia).


Donetsk is one of the multinational regions of Ukraine that is why various confessions are presented here. In addition to Orthodox charges there are also Rome and Greek-Catholic churches, and numerous Protestant preaching-houses. There is also an Islamic mosque and Jewish synagogue in the city. Moreover, some exotic religious movements have found their followers in Donetsk region. For example, there is a Buddhist monastery in the settlement Olginka in Volnovakhsky rayon of Donetsk region and in Gorlovka town, which is not far from Donetsk there is a Community of scientologists. There is a Spiritual Centre of International Society for Krishna Consciousness in the centre of Donetsk city.


But the main religious centre not only of Donetsk region but the whole Eastern part of Ukraine is the Holy Uspenskaya Lavra (the word “Lavra” in translation from Greek means “a crowded monastery”). It is located in the resort town Sviatogorsk in Donetsk region.


Orthodox Christians from Ukraine and Russia and pilgrims and tourists from the whole Eastern Europe come to Sviatogorsk to search for spiritual food. Sviatogorskaya Lavra is one of the three Ukrainian Lavras. It is unique because it is located in a picturesque area that is in harmony with the nature. Sviatogorsky Monastery raises above the river Seversky Donets standing on the chalk mountain. Monks used to live in the caves of the Holy Mountain (this is the previous name of the place) in ancient times. The history of Sviatogorsk monastery with its mystery chalk caves goes back to ancient time. The fist written evidences of the monastery is dated as 16th century. Once Saint Philaret said about that holy site the following «Everything is so close to heavens here and so far from the land! If you do not learn how to pray here, you will not be able to learn how to prey at all! ».


Christmas and Easter are the main religious holidays for the residents of Donetsk city and Donetsk region.


Orthodox churches of Moscow Patriarchate

Every year the number of churches increases in Donetsk.


Spaso - Preobrazhensky Cathedral is considered to be one of the main places of interest in the city. It is located in the centre of Voroshylovsky district in Donetsk city at 129в Artyoma Street. The Cathedral was built in 2004 on the same place where in 1931 its previous version was destroyed. Since that time the biggest number of religious people, who are residents of Donetsk, comes particularly to that place to celebrate the most important religious holidays.
Tel.: (062) 337 71 80, 337 71 88


Church of Saint Martyr John the Soldier is located in Voroshylovsky district, 61 Gorkogo Street. 

Tel.: (062) 301 14 78


Church of the Nativity of Christ is located in Voroshylovsky district at 7 Kobzeva Street.

Tel.: (062) 304 85 24

Holy- Nickolaevsky Cathedral is located in Leninsky district at 7 Tushinskaya Street.
Tel.: (062) 313 12 96

Church of the Holy Blessed Knyazh Alexander Nevsky, Leninsky district, 47 Leninsky Avenue.
Tel.: (062) 385 07 7


Church of the Blessed Ignatius Mariupolsky, Leninsky district, 122 Tkachenko Street (on the territory of Donetsk Metallurgical Plant)
Tel.: (062) 304 73 62, 217 30 78


Church of the Blessed Agapitus Pecherky, the healer, Kalininsky district, 14 Ilyicha Avenue, on the territory of Donetsk Regional Clinic Hospital. 


Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God, Kalininsky district, 2-A Chervonogvardeisky Avenue.
Tel.: (062) 382 98 49

The Orthodox Church of Kievsky Patriarchy


Holy Perto-Pavlovsky Catherdal


Greek-Catholic Church

Church of the Intercession of the Holy Mother, 5-A Vasnetsova Avenue.
Tel.: (062) 385-47-66


Rome-Catholic Church 


The Observance named after Holy Joseph of Rome-Catholic Church, Kievsky district, 191 Artyoma Street.



Protestant Church of Ukraine in Donetsk, 27 Shevchenko Boulevard.
Tel.:(062) 330-40-95



In Donetsk there is an operative Synagogue erected in memory of Lyubavichesky Rebe Beit Manahem-Mendel, 36 Octyabrya Street.
Tel..:(062) 334-39-97, (062) 345-00-52



There is Fellowship «Star of Prophecy» in Donetsk. One of the first Ukrainian affiliations of Jerusalem University of Spiritual leadership over Moslems of Ukraine and Cathedral Mosque «Akhat Jamie» were founded on the base of the Fellowship, Kuibyshevsky district,1-A Marshal Zhukov Avenue.




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