Peculiarities of Donetsk shopping

Donetsk is really full of various shops, boutiques, supermarkets, shopping and leisure centres. For example, it might be unexpectedly for you to find a foodstuff boutique for VIP-gourmands in the miners’ city. But such kind of shop operates here.


A range of prices in shops and supermarkets is really diversified. According to foreigners who have visited Donetsk, democratic prices for local foodstuffs and their eating qualities is a really pleasant thing. However clothes and footwear are sometimes surprisingly expensive for foreign visitors, who are quite wealthy. Actually it is necessary to know right places to go shopping!


We would like to propose you to start from shopping and leisure centres where it is possible to combine shopping and leisure activities with the family or friends. There are about twenty of such centres in Donetsk, and we would like to present the most popular ones.


Let’s start from Artyoma Street, which is a central street in Donetsk full of shopping activities, glittering windows of luxury shops, salons and various shopping centres. Shopping and leisure centre “Donetsk City”, which is the most favourite place for majority of local citizens and visitors of Donetsk, is located here. It was included in the rating of top 25 shopping and leisure centres of Ukraine (according to the Journal “Focus” ).


Thus, you can find here the following:


  • more than 100 boutiques for any taste and budget, including branded boutiques of the world famous trademarks, and some propositions from Ukrainian designers. It is possible to buy clothes for pets in a specialized shop and some clothes with Football club Shakhtar Donetsk symbols as a souvenir. (You can find a more detailed assortment HERE)
  • 24-hour supermarket;
  • modern cinema with five cinema halls;
  • bowling centre (12 tracks);
  • four fast-foods,
  • two coffee-bars,
  • conceptual Italian restaurant,
  • playing ground for children,
  • books supermarket,
  • drug-store,
  • banks affiliations and ATMs,
  • beauty salon,
  • tourist agency,
  • and a spacious parking.


Going down Artyoma Street towards the building of Mayor's Office, you can get to the oldest shopping centre of Donetsk named «Bely Lebed»/White Swan/. It is located 10 minute-walk from Donbass Arena football stadium. Historian roots of “Bely Lebed” go back to 1965, that is why its design is not so modern in comparison with some other shopping centers, but its assortments and prices are at the high level (the prices are higher than averagely all-over Donetsk).


In this five-level building you can find the following:


  • food supermarket (zero level),
  • coffee bar,
  • on the following three levels there are tens of shops of casual, sports and formal clothes as well as stylish footwear stuff,
  • souvenirs, jewellery, watches and imitation jewellery,
  • perfumes and cosmetics,
  • haberdashery,
  • household goods, textile and utensils,
  • on the second level there are some more household appliances and equipment,
  • elite beauty salon,
  • furniture and sports goods (training facilities),
  • gifts shop, gift-wrapping,
  • on the fifth level of the shopping centre it is possible to have good time with children. Here is a shopping and playground centre for children: toys, children goods and clothes, and a large playing zone with some playing facilities,
  • car-washing,
  • parking,
  • services: bank and ATMs, post office, dry-cleaner, clothes repair and tailoring shop; watches repair shop; engraver; inquiry service; accepting orders for manufacturing furniture, metal-plastic windows; printing and multiplying machines; theatre book-offices.


Shopping and office centre “Green Plaza” designed in a LIFE STYLE format” is the newest and most remarkable shopping centre in Donetsk. It is located on the cross road of Artyoma Street and Sadovy Avenue (municipal transport route №2 ). The lower levels of this 21-level emerald building are occupied by a shopping centre with boutiques, coffees and restaurants. Higher levels above the shopping centre are occupied by offices.


Here you can find the following:


  • shops and boutiques of modern clothes and footwear (of well-known world brands), clothes for children (for more details see и здесь: ),
  • underwear and accessories;
  • imitation jewellery;
  • souvenirs and hand-made gifts;
  • computers and domestic appliances;
  • beauty salon;
  • clothes repair and tailoring shop;
  • diamond engraving,
  • Japan cousin fast-food;
  • coffee houses, cafeteria (Italian ice-cream);
  • restaurant (Italian, Asian and Japan cousins);
  • travel salon
  •  underground parking;
  • and ATMs.


Shopping and leisure centre “Zolotoy Koltso”/ Golden Ring/, which is comfortably located at the intersection three main roads of the city, that are Universitetskaya Street, Artyoma Street and Lenin Avenue (Pavshykh Communarov Square).


Here you can see life pulsing through the industrial megapolis. Close to the shopping centre there is a tramway deport, Bus Station “Tsentr”/Center/, Inter-town Bus Station “Yuzhny” / Southern/, and the other popular shopping centre named “Continent”.


Price policy of “Zolotoyer Kolrso” is for “middle-class” clients. It is possible to start walking from the underground part of the shopping centre full of a big amount of kiosks (press, coffee, tea, perfume, cosmetics, household cleaning goods, imitation jewellery , clothes, footwear, clothes repair, photo-printing, ATMs and payment terminals). There are three car parings here.


In the higher levels you can find the following:


  • clothes, footwear, (more details about brands read HERE), including large-size clothes and clothes for pregnant;
  • underwear;
  • haberdashery;
  • jewellery and imitation jewellery;
  • perfume, cosmetics;
  • unique gifts and souvenirs shop;
  • baby toys;
  • 24-hour Internet-cafe;
  •  ast-foods;
  • coffee houses;
  •  restaurants;
  • sports-bar;
  • cinema hall;
  •  children playing ground;
  • children-goods store with master class of children’s crafts;
  •  pet (animal) store;
  • game-playing machines,
  • billiard hall;
  •  air-design salon;
  •  travel agency;
  •  nail (manicure) studio;
  • digital art-studio;
  •  and lombard.



Shopping Centre “Continent” that is neighbouring with “Zolotoye Koltso” is also very popular among local citizens. Shopping Centre “Continent” has a European design (it is located at the intersection of Pervomaiskaya Street and Pavshykh Communarov Avenue). You can have a virtual shopping tour HERE.





 In Shopping Centre “Continent” it is possible to find all necessary stuff, starting from food products and everyday objects and ending with fashion clothes and accessories.  The prices for some goods are lower than in some other well-known Donetsk shopping centres. Here you can find the following:


  • more that 100 boutiques and shops fashion clothes and footwear of the world and Ukrainian producers both for adults and children (for more information use thislink),
  • jewellery products;
  • haberdashery,
  • clocks/watches,
  • computer and office equipment;
  • furniture and home decoration items;
  • children playing ground (plus master class of children’s crafts);
  • food Supermarket;
  •  drug-store supermarket;
  • pet (animal) store;
  • bank affiliation;
  • coffee house, café, restaurant, and fast-foods,
  •  food-court.


It is possible to get enjoyment from shopping in the other shopping and leisure centre named “Décor Donbass” located on General Antonov Street (Donetsk Central market can be its orientation point). This centre is targeted at citizens with the income above average. Mainly premium-class brands and services of the same level are concentrated here.

Here it is possible to find the following:


  • fashion clothes, underwear and footwear of well-known trade marks;
  • children goods,
  • haberdashery ,
  • elite cosmetics and perfumes;
  •  jewellery and imitation jewellery;
  • optics and accessories salon;
  •  unique gifts and souvenirs shop;
  •  musical techniques,
  • food supermarket;
  • bowling-club;
  • family – club;
  • children’s playing ground with playing facilities;
  • restaurant (European, Italian and French cousin);
  • coffee house;
  • café,
  • surface parking, four-level parking and underground parking;




Everyone who likes to combine extreme-shopping with walking is welcome to visit Donetsk food markets!


Shopping is not very comfortable here but you can get a lot of excitement and the opportunity to buy goods produced by households (eggs, vegetables, milk, cottage cheese, and lard) at prices that are lower than in supermarkets. Actually foodstuff is exposed close to clothes, personal care goods and other goods…But! Shopping on the fresh air might be very healthy for you. Actually the market can be considered as a “barometer of the community”. At this place it is possible to lean local citizens’ opinions about different issues and know more about their problems. It is also possible to hear the latest news in Donetsk and jokes about the president…


There are about 20 markets in Donetsk. The Central Market (located on Mire Avenue) is considered as an “exemplary” and the most expansive one (its popular name is “Krytyj Rynok”/Roofed Market/).


With the aim to buy books and office equipment, local citizens go to so-called “radio-market” (it is also called “book market”, “Mayak” (buss rout №2 with the final stop “Railway station”). If you want to buy some clothes, visit “Tekstilshchik” market in Kirovsky district of Donetsk (municipal transport routes №76, 77, 42, 85) and a market located near the Railway station. People who like land cultivation, gardening and animal breeding can be pleased by a household market named “Solovky” located in Kuibyshevsky district (tram route №3).


Buying souvenirs


And finally, do not forget to buy some souvenirs to remember about Donetsk. It is possible to go to a souvenirs shop located on the central Artyoma Street opposite to the building of Library named after N.K. Krupskaya. Ukrainian “vyshyvanki”, “rushnyky”, pictures and sculptures made by local craftsmen, as well as “classical” Donetsk souvenirs, which are a figurine of a miner with a piece of coal in his arm, Mertsalov’s palm and magnets with the city and region symbolics. Actually, a similar assortment is presented in the shop “Ukrainian Souvenirs” located on Universitetskaya Street not far from Donetsk National University.


Football fans can buy some stuff in FC Shakhtar brand shops or directly at Donbass Arena football stadium. Scarves, T-shirts, jackets, play-suits with symbols of Eurocup 2009 holder can be a very nice gift for friends. And there is the other remarkable feature of Donetsk life, it is local beer.


For people who like soviet time things it would be advisable to get up early on a weekend to go to “flea market” located on Pushkin Boulevard (from the side of Universitetskaya Street opposite to Shcherbakova Park). Metal glass holders, medallions, medals, stamps, figurines, books, maps, mining and factory safety hamlets, which are usually interesting for foreigners, can be found here. There is a big diversity of old things here!


Adjacently to the “flea market” there is an alley of painters where it is possible to buy some paints with Donetsk views.



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