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Would you like to see the best city of Ukraine?
Go to Donetsk, which is a heart of Donetsk region rich in metal and coal. In 2010 this industrial centre of Eastern Ukraine (oblast centre of Donetsk region) occupied a leading position in the national rating “TOP -100”. The Best cities of Ukraine” According to the research, Donetsk citizens are the wealthiest and the living standard is the highest. With respect to the volume of capital invested into the local companies, Donetsk occupies the top position in overall Ukrainian rating.  
And the biggest proud of municipal bodies of power is the International Award “UNITED EUROPE AWARD”), proving the high industrial and scientific potential as well as massive human recourse base and workers’ professionalism. Donetsk became the first Ukrainian city that was granted with such a valuable award.  
 Donetsk age is a bit more than 140 years, but it is a modern megapolis with million populations.   There are 220 industrial enterprises here, tens of shopping and leisure centres, hundreds of banking institutions and enterprises of hotel-restaurant business. And of course, Donbass Arena is one of the most modern Elite class stadiums of Europe.  
 Today in Ukraine people say: «Kiev is the capital of the country, Lvov is the cultural capital of the country, but policy and money is made in Donetsk”. Particularly this city, which is a native place for the richest Ukrainian, a politician and businessman   Rinat Akhmetov (reference to the article about famous citizens of Donetsk)  is a candidate to be recognized as a business centre of Ukraine. Since recent times all reforms implemented in Ukraine have been also tried in Donetsk region.
Financial and industrial power of the country is concentrated in Donetsk and its region. Headquarters of the largest financial-industrial corporations that are powerful players on the energy and metallurgical markets, not only in Ukraine, but in Europe, are located here (СКМ ,ISD). In addition, every year Donetsk hosts the International Investment Summit which gathers businessmen from all over the world.
According to the government, Donetsk region produces approximately 13% of GDP (gross domestic product). 
The fifth part of Ukrainian industrial potential is concentrated here. This is more than 2000 industrial enterprises, 800 of which are the largest in Ukraine. Basic industrial sector of the regional economy are the following: metallurgical, coal, coke-chemical, chemical, heavy machine building and power industries.   Donetsk region is the only one that provides the country with lead, mercury, hard alloy metal and rolled non-ferrous metal.
Rich natural deposits, concentration of industrial production, extended business relations are a good match with the developed infrastructure of Donets region, in particular, with the massive transport network. 
The following world-known metallurgical enterprises are located here: OJSC “Donetsk Metallurgical plant” OJSC “Ilyicha Mariupol Metallurgical plant”, OJSC Azovstal Mariupol Metallurgical plant”. Mariupol plants (the latest two) have a direct access to the markets thought “the sea gates of Donbass”, that is Mariupol seaport.  80 enterprises of the metallurgical complex produce a complete assortment of metal product and export them to more than 50 countries of the world.     
As it was estimated by scientists, coal deposits will be sufficient for Donetsk region for hundreds of years (more than 14 billiard tons deposit). “Donetskugol” and “Makeevugol”, Zasyadko coalmine and Krasnolimanskaya coalmine are the largest coal production enterprises in the region.
Gorlovka Concern “Stirol” is the largest chemical enterprise in Donets region; it produces nitrogen fertilizer, synthetic resin, plastic materials, polystyrene, pharmaceutical products and a lot of other things.  
Consumer goods industry and agriculture are interesting for foreign investors. In accordance with the progress of agriculture development, in early 2001 Donetsk occupied the leading position in Ukraine. Fertile black earth (chernozem) covering 70% of the area, is a proud of Ukraine. 
Donetsk, Mariupol, Makeevka, and Artyomovsk are main centres of the consumer goods industry. By the way, Artyomovsk is a real “salt-cellar” of Ukraine and origin place of Ukrainian “Champaign”.
 Innovation projects have actively been implemented in Donetsk and its region; some alternative sauces of energy have being developed. Novoazovsky Wind Park with its successful experience can serve as an example.
Donetsk region is amusing for visitors not only by its industrial potential, but natural resources as well: there are unique lakes with remedial mud, the Azov Sea, which is the smallest in the world, and wild steppes and green woods. There are pig possibilities for developing remedial, agricultural, extreme, scientific-industrial and business tourism. In other words, the most multinational region could amaze you with its diversity and individuality.

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